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Difference Between SiluetaYa and Elv Alipotec

I get messages daily asking me what the difference is between the Tejocote Root of the company I now represent SiluetaYa and the previous company I used to work for Elv Alipotec.


  • Same original 3 month treatment

  • Same original Tejocote Root, myth: Alipotec is the only original Tejocote Root (its like saying that only one company can sell original cactus supplements)

  • Sold by authorized vendors who provide support and guidance

Major Differences

  • SiluetaYa has larger Micro-dose pieces, (a lot of my clients are experiencing faster results)

  • Hidden Tag to verify you are getting authentic products, no more guess work

  • SiluetaYa app that has a coach on your phone

  • Variety of 3, soon 4 treatments to keep your body from getting accustomed and help you reach your goals

  • FDA registered/Cofrepis permits

  • GMP certified (created in a laboratory that meets Good Manufacturing Practices)

  • Affordable prices

In conclusion, by working almost 9 years with this product, I can distinguish the quality of Tejocote Root products. This is 100% my honest review but it is up to you to try them both and make up your mind. If you want either product, we have them available on our site:

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